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For all we speak about future-proofing our organizations, there’s one key component that HR professionals continue to overlook – the multigenerational benefits package.  

As a HR professional you have to manage the needs of the most age-diverse workforce in history. The differing expectations and priorities of baby boomers, gen X, millennials and gen Z mean that a one-size-fits-all approach to benefits plans is becoming increasingly redundant.  

Developing a hyper-personalized benefit solution is crucial for ensuring you can attract, engage and retain your multigenerational employees. This essential HR course will provide you with expert insight on the following:  

  • Understanding different generational priorities and how best to accommodate them  

  • Utilizing people analytics to create tailored packages that best suit your employees  

  • Top tips for redesigning your benefit program and communicating it to your employees 

  • Measuring the impact of effective plans on recruitment, retention and engagement  

Gain the tools needed to boost morale, attract top talent and increase employee retention through effective and personalized benefit packages. Register now!

1 HRPA CPD credit hour

About the instructor

  • Gisela Carere

    President & Managing Partner, Benchmark Benefit Solutions

    Gisela Carere

    At Benchmark Benefit Solutions, Gisela Carere, President and Managing Partner, works directly with clients to develop and maintain group benefit plans that further their organizational goals. Gisela thrives on the challenge of designing group benefit programs that are both affordable and sustainable while providing a level of service that her clients routinely describe as "above and beyond". Gisela developed her in-depth knowledge of group benefits through more than 25 years of industry experience in areas as varied as group underwriting, benefit plan analysis, sales, training and benefit plan communications.

Course curriculum

Get up-to-date with the latest multigenerational benefits package.


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