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Toxic behaviours displayed by difficult staff can significantly lower team morale, reduce productivity and have an adverse effect on company culture as a whole. HR professionals need to walk a fine line between facilitating a workplace that brings together different skill sets and addressing toxic behaviour and interpersonal conflict between colleagues. 

Join us for this essential course that will guide you step-by-step on how to deal with toxic employees and gain insight on the following:

  • Devising strategies to address and combat toxic behaviours
  • Creating sound policies for handling interpersonal conflicts amongst colleagues
  • Communication is key: what to say and how to say it 
  • Circumventing legal issues that can arise from interpersonal conflict—harassment, bullying and hostile workplace claims
  • Articulating a culture of respect for your workplace 

Get the tools needed to handle difficult behaviour and avoid the costly impact it can have on your workplace. Register today.

1 HRPA CPD credit hour 

About the instructor

  • Sarah Jenner

    Executive Director, Mindful Employer

    Sarah Jenner

    Sarah Jenner is an established workplace mental health professional who continually supports HR leaders across Canada to competently solve workplace issues. Sarah has helped hundreds of HR professionals implement hands-on strategies to resolve interpersonal workplace conflict, support performance, and improve workplace mental health in ways that uphold dignity and respect for all involved, while ensuring job expectations are fulfilled.

    Sarah creates powerful programs designed to improve workplace dynamics and mental health by increasing the ability of leaders to respond effectively to others. By providing essential guidance through innovative and practical resources, Mindful Employer is revolutionizing the Canadian workforce by supporting and helping implement impactful frameworks for mentally healthy workplaces. Her goal is to see Mindful Employer continue to be the go-to resource where executives and employers throughout Canada can come together to share challenges and access the tools and strategies needed for success.

Course curriculum

Get the tools needed to handle difficult behaviour and avoid the costly impact it can have on your workplace.


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